Horizontal and Vertical Type Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Exchangers (HHP, VHP)

It is a typical fin/tube heat exchanger composed of two parts working as condenser and evaporator contain proper amount of cooling refrigerant. The air (from which heat will be transferred) will pass through the evaporator to transfer the heat to the refrigerant. Evaporated cooling refrigerant transfers its heat on the condenser (located on top) to the cold air which is passing through the external side of exchanger. In this case, heat is transferred to cold air and consequently heat recovery occurs.

It is a sensible type. There is heat transfer between the two airs but there is no humidity transfer. Supply air and exhaust air locations are close to each other, the two airs may get mixed at very low rate (or not at all) and there is no moving part. These are some typical properties.

Heat recovery, temperature efficency both sides air pressure drops are calculated in our company with a software developed specially for this purpose. There are options for row numbers, fin spacing corrugated and louvred fins.

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