Karbox closed type condensing units are manufactured to provide a base product for cooling and air-conditioning equipment manufacturers in order to form their own condensing groups. Products are easy to configure, assemble and maintain. The capacities are varying between 4 to 132 kW.

Coil Properties

Condensers are designed with optimum tube diameter in order to increase efficiency. The fin distance is varying from 2,1 to 2,5mm. Maximum operation pressure is 28 barg.


In order to provide the most accurate product, there are 6 different Karbox types, designed depending on the compressor type, fan position, capacity and application. The specification of these models, CHH, CSH, CSV, CSSA, CSSV and CSSVH types, can be found in the table. Except CHH models, all other types consist only condenser, casing and fans. Therefore, component selection depends on installer’s preferences.

The size of the internal division is convenient for the installation of the hermetic / scroll and semi-hermetic compressors. The casing is completely coated with Ral 9016 electrostatic powder painting.


Fan diameters are Ø350, Ø400, Ø450, Ø500 and Ø630mm. Also there are options for low noise and monophase/triphase fan requirements. The protection class is IP44 for Ø350, Ø400 and 6 pole Ø450mm and IP54 for the others. Fans are compatible with ERP2015 regulation.


Unit coolers can be provided with below options; Gold Epoxy Fins Hydrophilic Fins

*Please contact Karyer for option requests.

Capacity Range

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