The EG-DC model DX unit coolers are designed for carbon dioxide usage, having the range 0,50 - 10,00 kW, are able to satisfy small and medium cooling capacity needs for commercial cold storage.
The coils, in unit coolers, are compact in addition to their thermally high efficient performance.

Coil Properties

The EG-DC model DX unit coolers are compatible to run with carbon dioxide operation pressure and tested under high pressure. Coils can be manufactured with 4,20 and 7,00mm fin spacing. Maximum operation pressure is 60 barg.


It is manufactured with electrostatic Ral 9016 powder painted galvanized sheets to resist corrosion; it has an attractive view in addition to its rigidity. Additionally, screwed side panels and hinged drain pan can be easily removed to facilitate installation and maintenance operations.


The unit coolers can be provided with monophase blowing Q motor and axial fans with Ø250 and Ø300mm diameters. Protection class of fans is IP41 for Q motors, IP44 for axial fans. Axial fans are compatible with ERP 2015 regulation.

Electrical Heater

High-quality electrical heaters are placed on the coil and drain pan according to working and design conditions.


Unit coolers can be provided with below options;
Gold Epoxy Fins
Stainless Steel Case
EC Fan
Fan Steamer

*Please contact Karyer for option requests.

Capacity Range

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